Debbie Hutchinson - Director


Following my partners involvement in the Move like a Pro programme during the winter of 2018, there followed a meeting on 3rd May with some other MLAP attendees & a coach, that coach would later become known to me as Guy, the meeting was to discuss how they could continue with a similar programme outside of the Exeter Chiefs and Movember umbrella; 4 days later Healthy Humans Rugby was started with 30 people in attendance, 5 months later The Healthy Humans Group CIC was approved by Comapnies House. 


For me personally the journey and meeting with Guy has totally changed my perspective on mental health and those who suffer in silence.  That along with how powerful sport can be on peoples' emoitons and well being.  I hope that those who come along to our sessions are able to lose themselves for a couple of hours & imerse themselves with like minded individuals.





Guy Hamer - Founder and Director 


Many people ask me the question why as a 17-year-old I have founded a Community Interest Company.  The answer is pretty simple, whilst most of my friends are out partying or having other forms of social interaction, I have always been someone to find alternative forms of enjoyment, especially in helping others via coaching and teaching. 


From a young age of 9 or 10, I had an issue with managing my weight, most likely as I look back caused by how I poorly dealt with the splitting up of my parents, this lead to childhood bullying and a feel of social unease which through my early teens even though there was a slight lift , it still did not feel like the tide had turned.


However, at the age of 13, it’s safe to say a trip to the Exeter chiefs saved me from a very dark descent. The complimentary tickets received by my friends’ parents to go and watch the pre-season clash between Chiefs and Bristol led to my desire to search for my first Rugby club, that club was Exeter youth section, a club which sparked a journey from there to Newton Abbot, Torquay and Teignmouth where I currently play. Despite some relapses along the way due to exam induced anxieties, which led to 10 months of isolation and depression has now made me realise the worth of sport in my recovery.


During Winer 2018, the opportunity arose for me to work with Exeter Chiefs on a project called Move Like A Pro, endorsed by Movember.  This work provided me with the stark realisation that this platform in an alternative format may possibly hold the key to resolving many forms of wellbeing issues in the UK.


Consequently, I thought it was the right time for me to act upon my thoughts and start an all-encompassing fitness class that could cater for the stresses and demands placed upon us all in everyday life.  The goal being an platform for people regardless of age, gender or background could accompany and improve all forms of wellbeing , offered all in a simple once a week class.


Its more than safe to say the journey so far has changed the way I view the world and hopefully with the help of the great people I have met already along the way I can help Healthy Humans make a positive change to the wellbeing of many of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Finley Tudge - Coach


I have been friends with Guy for 6 years and throughout this period we have shared a strong passion for sport , in particular Rugby, having played at Torquay and Teignmouth respectively together.


 Over the bonnet of my pride and joy, a classic 1983, mk2 Volkswagen polo, Guy broke the news of the founding of the community interest company and how he wished for me to take a coaching role within the company, after initial feelings of fear for myself and him, wondering what we had go ourselves into, I felt excitement about taking on the challenge and taking on such a possibly influencial project for the community.

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